Is this you?

You’ve already got a too-full plate at work … and you just got handed a new project.

Oh yeah, they need it yesterday.

Or maybe there’s that looming project you’ve been meaning to start, but just haven’t had time.

You’re trying to manage your day-to-day responsibilities, but this “one more thing” my drive you to take a bat to your computer.

I can help. Give me your one more thing. And while you’re at it, put down the bat.

I’ll tackle your project and deliver results that make you shine.

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Here’s How I’ve helped busy people just like you:

  • Internal communications. Developed an employee engagement survey and analyzed the results for a national healthcare system (and increased survey participation by 70 percent).

  • Reporting. Researched and developed a feasibility report for a global nonprofit to help them assess and manage their language translation needs.

  • Research. Developed an assessment tool to evaluate companies’ family-friendly policies for a major U.S. city.

  • Crisis Communications. Created a crisis communications plan — mid-crisis — for a regional property management company that helped flip the narrative.

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I am a creative, big picture thinker. A solid writer and editor. I’m calm under pressure and I love a challenge.

I know how to listen, and I am passionate about helping people solve problems.

And … I have more than 20 years of experience managing teams, navigating internal politics, collaborating with partners (internal and external) and launching and managing national campaigns. (You can read more about my experience here.)

But most importantly, I’ve been exactly where you are. I understand the pressure of needing to get that one more thing done and stressing about how in the world to do it all.

I’d love to work with you.

First step? Call, text, email or send a carrier pigeon.

Then take a deep breath.

We’ve got this.

Kate is a consummate pro who manages her projects with a steady, experienced hand and her clients with a calm, thoughtful style. She is a keen listener who carefully assesses the tasks and associated challenges and delivers insight-driven results and first-rate customer service. Kate is an excellent manager of people and effortlessly drives consensus in situations with diverse stakeholder interests. I would work with her any time and be comfortable with her leading any project or team.
— Greg Donaldson, National SVP Communications, American Heart Association
I’ve always been impressed by Kate’s insightful and strategic recommendations and her dedication to do all that she can to deliver results. She’s adaptable and collaborative and has great instincts and judgment. She really listens to her clients and is in tune with what’s happening in culture and the landscape of the issue area. I love working with Kate and would highly recommend her!”
— Ellyn Fisher, SVP Communications, The Ad Council
Kate has been critical in moving our company forward by pinch hitting on client meetings, leading projects and marketing events, and polishing up reports and deliverables. She works quickly, has an eye for detail, and blends beautifully with the company vision and message. I will continue to call on Kate!
— Audrey Rowland, Founder, Green Space/The Play Studio
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I get it. Trusting someone you don’t know to manage an important project can seem risky.

I offer Quick Hit virtual consulting sessions by the hour or half hour to test out how we work together. I can:

  • Provide feedback on your current project or talk through your next one

  • Make recommendations for your crisis or strategic communications plan

  • Help develop talking points or a statement for you or your leadership

  • Review/edit your press release, blog post or executive communication

  • And much more

Click here to learn more or book a session with me.